Friday, July 18, 2008

You. Bent. Greedy. Bastards

I've just heard this on the Today Programme for this morning, can't find any other links, and I'm rushing to get to work now, but I was so angered by this story that I've got to mention it now, and I'll back to it later.

The BBC has learned that staff at the Hard Rock cafĂ© in London are on base salaries of just over £2 an hour, and that the company relies on tips to raise the wages to the legal level. Our employment correspondent Martin Shankleman reports.

So you get your cup of coffee for £2-odd and you leave 20p or so for the waiter, and you think, well, s/he's getting the minimum wage but the tips could make it not-bad...

But oh no. These fuckers use your tips that you give to staff to make up the wages from £2-something an hour to the level of the minimum wage. And the people who decided on that as a policy did so without a blush, perhaps dreamt it up on a 1st class flight over the Atlantic, or whilst tipping in a posh restaurant where they'd just paid £500 for their meal.