Monday, July 07, 2008

Possibly the Last Postcard from Visa Limbo... But Don't Count On It

I had intended to spend the morning on the 'phone cajoling and threatening (c&t) in order to get onto a flight later today, or at least tomorrow, rather than the Wednesday being suggested by management. But all the c&t of yesterday has left me emotionally drained. Going to the Embassy seems to have smartened things up somewhat, I doubt that more input from me will have any effect. No doubt management regard me as a pain-in-the-arse to be gotten away asap, and any thoughts I have that my departure will be delayed out of spite are, perhaps, paranoid.

And I really don't want to arrive for this new job in a state of high anxiety. My hapless colleagues there will perhaps be feeling that way, my sustained late arrival causing them all sorts of headaches. I need to arrive able to calmly soothe the fevered brows and sort out any problems, (I'm refusing to call them "challenges").

So, I doubt the departure will be today. Fingers crossed the c&t of yesterday's impetus will carry into today... Sometimes, the cleverest thing is knowing when to leave well the fuck alone.