Monday, July 28, 2008

Ilford Sporti - The Truth at Last!

This wee camera has big potential. Holga? Schmolga!

This is the only properly exposed photo - there was a bit of shade here. The rest are rather over exposed. Yet I was using 50ISO film. That was with the aperture set to "cloudy". And there's a deal of camera shake on many of them. That means the shutter speed probably IS quite slow - maybe 1/30 [?]. Be worth seeing what you could do in low light with HP5, pushed. Or Delta 3200, even. Anyway, I'm well pleased with that as a first roll.

Here's a link to the rest of this roll.

Ages in the wardrobe, trying to get the roll on the spool. Dropped the bliddy film on the wardrobe floor three times. Don't know what I was doing wrong - need to sacrafice a roll of both 35mm and 120 to get the hang of it.

Job in Glasgow coming up, and a move to Saltcoats. This camera will love it there, and so will we all. The lobby press under the stairs will make a better darkroom, too.