Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Kicking of Arses

It's good to see the Tories in London getting their arses kicked over Boris Johnson's appointment of a thorough wrong 'un as his deputy.

Meanwhilst, in Glasgow East, Labour continue to take the piss out of the people there by selecting, in apparent desperation, a part-timer. I foresee an arse-kicking here, too. Labour are the party of the Establishment in that part of the world, and they've taken Glasgow's working class for granted for generations. They are amongst the most remarkable people in the world, I know. But taking the piss is not recommended.

And as for the so called management of my (soon! please!) ex-employer, if ever an arse kicking was needed... They don't seem to get it. If you keep saying, "nothing, I can do... out of my hands... blah blah blah" then the question is asked: What are you getting paid for? Twats.