Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lo Fi

IF I was going to go lo-fi, (I'm not, but IF I was) then I wouldn't go for a Holga. Join what Pierre recently called the magenta hair holga bigpants brigade; (Flickr's a great thing - the Bolshevik laughs at the Neocon's joke, as in a dream).

One of the reasons his remark was so funny was that I knew exactly the sort of bigpants person he meant. Someone who thinks they're being chic and trendy by paying £50 for a bit of plastic. Whereas, if I ever need to feel chic and trendy, I'll pay a couple of quid for an Ilford Sporti. It has as much photo-taking potential as a Holga.

But then, I really can't be buying anymore hardware at the moment. Not with most of my worldly goods in three suitcases, being "between jobs", more or less. And with a house move in a month from now.

Apart from that, I don't get a chance to use the cameras I have already. The trouble is, I've gotten into photography now, in my late forties. But I don't go anywhere to take the sort of photos I want to. Pubs. Parties. In my thirties, I had a wild social life. And no cameras. C'est la vie; quois, quois, quois. Think I'll get my head painted magenta.