Friday, July 04, 2008

Newcastle United and the Equity Fund Bastards

To summarise a story all over like a rash (300 something hits in Google news), an American Equity Fund has been sniffing around Newcastle. Ashley said the price is £420 million and they said no. Some reports claim he showed them the books.

According to most online news outlets who bother to give sources, the Telegraph, for example, the story is said to have originated with The Sun, though if you go to their site, (here's a link, if you're a masochist or a twat), and search "Ashley" you just get some old story about the wages bill.

It's kind of interesting, if there's any truth in it. It shows we're perceived as a potential rising asset. It also shows that Ashley sets considerable value on the club. IF there's something in it. There could be wheels within wheels here.