Friday, July 04, 2008

The Postcards from Visa Limbo Continue

I managed to get a good morning's work with the SLA paper for the MA: wrote the introduction and an outline. It feels do-able. I've confronted the beast and he looked sheepishly at the carpet.

And the Assistant Course Director from the job I should be doing in England sent me placement test results, and I was able to sort the students into classes.

I heard from another University about pre-sessional work in August, too.

These hopeful signs notwithstanding, I feel rather frazzled by the waiting. My colleagues here were going for a meal tonight but I made an excuse, feeling like Dead Man Walking. The people I should be working for, they've all been so kind and patient and pragmatic, I hate the thought of letting them down further, if this fandango goes on into next week.

And, which I don't usually blog about, I'm missing Herself and The Bairn more intensely by the hour.