Thursday, July 24, 2008


"Shooting with a rangefinder, without a light meter, is a liberating experience". Or so some numpty wrote somewhere on Flickr, though a quick shufty at his photo stream showed that he was hiding the lights of his liberation under a bushel; or talking bollocks.

Whatever: the idea is a good one. The guessing at settings can lead to happy accidents. Or something.

Remember that even a dimwit's brain is more sophisticated by an almost unimaginable factor than the smartest light reading technology in the most expensive cameras. And that the "happy accident" might actually be your huge subsconscious sussing out the available light and taking a photo your conscious mind is subsequently pleasantly suprised at.

Like this one. I had no idea about those two pools of light. My conscious eye/mind was on the distant Tyne bridge, which has turned into nothing more than a nice background detail.

  XPRO-FED2-1 Central Station