Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Postcards from Visa Limbo Might Be Coming to and End...

This morning I nearly lost the plot when one of the "managers" told me he understood I'd get my visa by the end of the week, but that it was out of his hands. I phoned the British Embassy in Tripoli and they seem to have stirred things up somewhat. Phone calls were made and my passport is now said to be in the appropriate Government department to get its rubber stamp.

The bastard manager is saying that I won't get out until Wednesday - if the will were there I could be away tomorrow, but I'm still partly in the hands of petulant incompetents. At least Wednesday is there as an end date.

I might just save the job that's withering on the vine in England. At least I've been able to say to them, "Thursday at the latest". Maybe before. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.