Monday, July 07, 2008

Flickr Groups

Enforced idleness and a not-bad internet connexion have led me into spending more time than I otherwise would on Flickr. Exploring the possibilities of the FED2 and the Sporti has led me into all sorts of people's photostreams, (they both have eclectic and rather charming ownerships, I'm pleased to say).

One thing I noticed though, was how many groups some people are in, and how many groups they'll put a single image into. What's all that about, then? View whoring?

Anyhow, I went about a ruthless pruning of my own Flickr groups, cutting them back to three adminned, and thirty-something others. Each one of them is significant in some way. And that number is manageable: I can now spend time going through their pools, where you can find the occasional unexpected wonder.

Or something.