Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Chevy Chase. Fuck ever happen to him?"

As Paulie Walnuts said in The Sopranos. It got me thinking.

As it happens, he's been working steadily, but you can see what Paulie means. It's like that with film and television actors: you don't see them in anything for a year or two, and you wonder if they're dead or perhaps on a lengthy charlie and booze session. Or maybe doing proper acting on the stage? Only appearing on the telly gives them meaning to us.

That video with Paul Simon was on one of the cable music channels the other day. It always makes me smile.

As for Paulie and the rest of the crew, the clock's ticking. Of course, America already knows how things finish, but we don't. My mate Ian was telling me about a friend of his, visiting the States a few weeks ago, flicking through the channels in his hotel bedroom, he hit on a repeat of THE final episode, just beginning. What a quandry! He watched it, as it goes, but kept shtum when he came home.