Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Last Postcard from Visa Limbo - (inshallah)

Got my visa, got my eticket. Almost on my way now, back to Yorkshire puddings, pubs, cricket, ASBOs, rain, a Guardian I can hold in my hand to read, chavs, churches, cheddar cheese, repossessions, Radio 4 without the internet, University libraries, staffordshire bull terriers, cleavages, people complaining about the rain, buses, trains, working mens' clubs, starlings, pig-ignorant shop assistants, eye-contact barmaids, wine with dinner, Newsnight Review followed by Jools Holland...

Well, you get the picture. I don't usually get homesick, but the last couple of weeks have been hard on the nerves, and I need some of my own culture to soothe them. I still love Libya, but we're at a mature stage in our relationship, and can go off and do our own things for a while.

What I've learnt: don't take a job until you've checked out the company, back to front. It's easy for your prospective managers to make airy promises and talk bollocks. What counts is their professionalism and integrity - suss it out. And bad vibes at the interview, listen to them.