Sunday, July 31, 2005

"We'll come up smiling..."

...Tomorrow. Monday, that is, inshallah, I'll vault out of bed and say "I'm sick of hanging around the house, I'm off to the allotment!"

Which will be most necessary, because, whilst the last week's rain has been much needed, all the weeds will appreciate it as much as everything else, so it'll be monday, a man and a hoe.

And The Old Man told me the other day (as I was sitting with him in The Long Bar, after a morning at Hebburn Marina photographing tall ships, and allowing my cold to ferment and attempt to paralyse my legs), he's found a fourth glass dump as he's been double digging his way through the uncultivated areas. So I need to sort that out.

We surmised that the allotment's previous tenants weren't really bothered with growing stuff, they would just dig holes to dump glass in, and hang around drinking beer. It's clear that most of it hasn't been cultivated for years. Generally, it wants a lot of lime, hard work, and shit.

That's tomorrow; today I'm having my legs recover, and waiting for the ground to dry a wee bit after its soaking.

So I've spent some time surfing. The Twelve Merry Blogs are still only four in number. Almost at random, I thought I'd check out New Jersey. It was dreadful. I followed links to a lot of adverts. Why do people spend money on good digital cameras to stay indoors and photo their fucking cats? And as a rule of thumb, blogs having descriptions which begin "My..." and contain the word rant, well, don't go there.

Not a complete waste, though: I surfed in sideways to, which is an index and leads to some excellent photos.

Also this morning, this site will put an electronic voice to any text you care to type or paste in.

Posterclassics has, well, some good classic posters. And here are some Russian anti - alcohol posters.