Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stumbling in Cyberspace

Too young to be grumpy posted this morning about the Stumble enhancement from Firefox. It’s a scream. It’s a brilliant idea. You give it some parameters and then it finds you random yet popular sites within those parameters. Great fun. (If you haven’t got Firefox, it’s easy enough to google and get it free. It’s a very much better browser than Internet Explorer.)

Behind the Name is a handy site for expectants.

Yesterday was a garden day, today’s been a business kind of day, writing letters, banking, job searching – all from the comfort of my laptop, of course. No jobs going. Not round our way. And we’re not for moving or being apart at this juncture.

Spending far too much time in cyber space. When I’ve not been doing real things, or clicking on the Stumble button, I’ve been putting The Avenue on to blog indexes. Why? Blogging can be like heroin.

I found the rooted man on traedays. That's me, that is. Except I'm fatter and don't smoke tabs. Hmm.