Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First Wine Progress Report

There's no escaping the fact that, at this stage in its development, fermenting fruit is entirely unattractive. The grapes are the greenish ones, strawberries, naturally, reddish.

Herself doesn't like the smell, and she has a point, in a flat as small as ours. It's a smell reminiscent of very ripe bananas. When I stir the must, it fizzes like anything.

There's already just a hint of alcohol from the smell of the strawberries - which is a day ahead of the grapes. That's because after the first 24 hours, the grape must was frothing of its own accord, that is sans yeast: this meant there was some kind of wild yeast present. I had researched campden tablets meanwhile and found that their job is to kill off unwanted naturally ocurring yeast, so I crushed up 5 and stirred them in, and waited a night and a day for it to do its stuff afore adding the 'true wine yeast'. Now they're both on their way. Another week and they go into demi-johns. According to the research, drinkable in 6 months, at their best in a year... I'll keep an anxious world posted.