Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Africa [Updated]

The blog tour continued this morning, to the detriment of the allotment - or the benefit of its weeds, depending on your perspective.

Africa! I googled to Blog Africa, and started to trawl the hundred or so links there.

No doubt statistics are available somewhere, but I think we can be pretty sure that there is a very much smaller number of people with internet connections in Africa than in the 'first' world. Thus, less bloggers. A lot of the links were dud. A lot were to now-finished blogs from Americans 'doing' Africa. A lot weren't in English. A lot were packed with ads (I was thankful, whilst searching, for up to date spyware).

Few blogs fell within the parameters for the 12 Merry Blogs (recent posts, rooted in a place, pics, humour, a sympathetic philosophy, no ads or cats...)

Anyhow, here's the fruit of a morning's 'work'.

Kenya Today has a journalistic view of that country. No pics. Interesting, though - a bit like a Kenyan equivalent of A Hack's Life; which, incidentally, has been moved to blogs worth a shufty.

I don't know quite what to make of Ink Revoloution, and it's only a couple of months old - worth watching perhaps.

She makes no bones about it, this lass, 'Just Another American Girl in Congo'. Hmm. But she IS in Africa, and there are pictures...

Matumix is also from Kenya. Not a blog within the framework I'd imagined, but it looks like words from Africans. And here's something similair from Ghana,ghanaConsciousness.

Vessel of Mercy is from an African missionary; some good pics...

Traedays is a bit more like it, though he's not posting regularly.

There's an index of South African blogs, but I've not been through them yet.

It's been an education.

I also came across this, Red Star Coven, which is a S. African in Edinburgh. That could go into the 12 Merry Blogs to represent Scotland and Africa? No?

And finally, there's this South African arty blog, nathaniel stern [artist], which certainly does it so far as arresting images go.

Heigh ho.