Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Blog Tour Resumes

The idea is to get twelve blogs from all around the world. They need to be rooted geographically. Today I'm in Wales. Singlefin gave me a smile, briefly. Some blogs which go on about politics are, perhaps, kept by people with daft ideas who use the blog as a much-needed outlet because they were for ever being punched for airing their views in the pub; so avowedly newsy/political blogs should be treated carefully. According to TANKERx... might be one such, but I'll keep an eye on him. Being up one's own arse is a disqualification for being linked, but despite it's being so ("ponderings on a personal mythography", oh, please!), A Life in Wales is intriguing; good images, anyhow. Chav Mum's more my cup of tea, but I wish she'd get a digital camera.

One of these might make their way to 12 merry blogs.

The Blog Tour of Britain and Ireland is done for now. Tomorrow, the World!