Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nearly Tall Ships

We got off the Metro at Gateshead and walked down to the river and over the swing bridge.

We walked along the quayside, but the crowds were somewhat oppressive, and we didn’t get as far as the millennium bridge, given Herself’s Interesting Condition.

I got this picture of the Police launch in pursuit of a jet ski. It’s something that can unite diverse folks anywhere near water: what useless nuisances these jet skiers are. All they do is whiz around noisily, having fun and going nowhere and pissing off all and sundry.

Later, we had a pint in that Lloyds Bar, a bit further upriver, and saw the really fast Police launch hunt down and tell off some more jet skiers. I watched the River Copper waving his finger at the hapless nuisance as if he was saying: “Listen, if anyone’s going to fuck about at high speed on this river, it’s going to be us. Right?”

I'll have some proper pictures of really TALL ships soon, honest.