Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Shifting and Weeding

We've decided to look for a bigger place to live. This flat is really too small for a family, which is what we'll be soon, God willing. Which means postponing my elaborate schemes for the garden. They were always fraught with difficulty anyway, Upstairs claiming it as a 'shared garden', though that claim has been inspired by cupidity rather than owt else - been watching these garden make-over programmes on telly, I'll bet, and seeing the pound signs. Hmm. May as well move on and get a bigger place and leave the 'shared garden'. (I'm using inverted commas 'cos it's shared so far as house-prices go but not vis a vis working it). I've planted nearly 40 trees, and if we move in winter they can all move with us.

This heat! Who would have thought it, but it's too hot for the allotment - which is in desperate need of weeding. So I've put off going until the early evening.