Tuesday, July 12, 2005

on becoming blighticised

I'll have to get a job. Been home nearly a week and I'm more or less Blighticised again. By 'Blighticised' I mean the mood swings from elation to despair (always a strange and unsettling phenomenon when I've just got back from Libya), have settled down, and I've got over the unfortunate urge to go into any pub just because it's there. The point is, I found Libya so alien, so dull and inhospitable, it takes several days back in Blighty to feel normal, at home, BLIGHTICISED.

I suppose it's a wee bit like getting out of jail. Though we only go away for ten weeks. Anybody who's had their liberty restricted for any longer than that, for whatever reason, has all my sympathy. (Well, not quite anybody obviously, some people who've been in jail were there for good reasons, and DON'T get my sympathy… I'm rambling, aren't I?)

Anyhow, that was a diversion: I know I need a job because I've just spent a good chunk of the afternoon in futile surfing, mostly in the blogsphere. I joined that blogshares, though it's clearly a potentially vast landscape of wasted time, and even having read the FAQ and rules I'm not 100% sure about what's going on. Why did I bother?

And a lot of the stuff going on at britblog is just pure shite. I thought I'd have a shufty at the stuff for South Tyneside… There are two blogs apart from this one, one's incomprehensible and the other unreadable. And is it just me, or is this just barmy?

Mind you, I liked this Dawdon blog a lot: it's parochial, literally, but has a warmth to it. Blogscholar might disappear up its own arse, and I haven't spent much time with it. And gendergeek's ok, maybe… And incurable-hippie might be worth keeping an eye on. I'll give them a week or two and if they come up to scratch they'll get blogrolled.

Oh yeah, which reminds me: those of you who I've blogrolled, do uz a favour and reciprocate, eh? Any lurkers and passers by, a link would be nice, if poss. I've this blogshares game, after all, you see.