Friday, July 15, 2005

This Posting Frenzy Must Abate!

Oh; well, in that case, I'll be brief.

Got to the garden this morning to find the Old Man there: the council skip was on it's bi-mothly visit, so we went like mad fellas to wheelbarrow broken bricks and miscellaneous rubbish up to it. Then he had to dash off to a funeral, a common occurence at his age in these latitudes. Then I got all of the tatties weeded, and made a start on the same treatment with the onions and leeks - should finish that tomorrow, whereupon I'm caught up with maintenance.

I took the sage pic 'cos I've posted on NGs to get advice with what to do about harvesting the seeds to sow next year. The poppies are the prettiest weed.

More on the revamped blogroll later, but it'll all make sense if you've been following my blog-related cogitations... Don't worry, I haven't really been paying attention either.