Sunday, July 17, 2005

blog tour, the 12 merry blogs, and some coincidences...

Those Welsh ones were all rubbish, really, weren't they? Must be a good Welsh blog out there, but it's not on britblog, anyhow. I'll keep my eyes peeled for one and welcome suggestions the while.

There's a queer happenstance regarding that Chav's Mum. I was reading a review of a novel called Incendiary by Chris Cleave, which had these lines written by the working class bereaved mother and narrator: "The middle classes put up web sites about us. If you're interested Osama just look up chav pikey ned or townie in Google". Doubly spooky because I got an email from someone called Osama last night. The novel presages last week's bombs. It gets trebly weird: this morning I referred to last friday's Newsnight Review, which reviewed an exhibition of WW2 art. One of the paintings was done in 1938, called 'Prophecy', and was a London montage, which included two buses, the 77 and the 30. (No image on the www, sorry; the one I've posted is a bleak consolation: Dangerous Work at Low Tide, Eric Ravilious).

On a lighter note, I quite like too young to be grumpy, but it won't help me lose weight.