Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tall Ships At Last

Went by Metro, via Pelaw, to Hebburn. Very few people on foot, but queues of lazy sods in cars. Got to Hebburn Marina by a little after eight, and the Parade of Sail began to come by half an hour later.

This picture of the people there I took around 8.30am. It got busier later.

There was a PA system and some blokey commenting. He couldn't pronounce the name of this Polish ship, and I can't remember it.

I like this one of Mir, Russian of course, but built at Gdansk, with the cranes of Walker.

I've always been fascinated by this giant crane, with the little crane on top of it, and it's great in perspective to the masts on this ship.

The last photo I took was of the British hopeful, Prince William, as she departs, going by the frigate being built at Swans. We still build the occassional ship round here, you know.