Sunday, July 10, 2005

beers and a womb

To the Buffs to have a pint with Dad and his mate Alan. I had forgotten that it closes at 2pm, so arrived a bit later than custom demanded.

Then I walked back in the direction of home through a wonderfully, unusually hot afternoon, via first the garden, which wants some serious weeding (and I noticed some weird stuff with the garlic mustard, more later), thence to the Robin Hood, where I met Herself.

We had an interesting but actually really obvious game of cards/bingo there: They give out wee hands of 13 cards for a pound each and then somebody shouts out the cards from a new pack and the first person to go through all of their own 13 cards is the winner, as in bingo. There were 57 players and the winner got £57 - how obvious is that? Then came a pub quiz so we went to the Prince of Wales for a decent dinner of sausage and mash (me) and Kashmiri Chicken (Herself).