Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Minuet: Day 7

What with a long day working, and looking for work, and the dishes, and Newcastle v Benefica in a few minutes, I got about 25 mins or so tonight.  Went back to those first few bars, and realised it was mournfully slow. So I started on the (RH) A-B-C-C-B, and just kept on at it, getting faster and less blundersome.  Ditto the (LH) G-A-B-B-A, (Gabba, gabba, hey!).  RH was much the quicker.   I've started putting them together.

I think this is it, that I'm doing the right thing - just focusing on bits, (bars, phrases, arpeggios, wtfs) - and getting them better and quicker and into the process memory, and hopefully adding a wee bit into the overall technique by so doing.  It's a bit Hanon like, as in mindlessly repetitive, but unlike Hanon it's a building block in an actual piece of music. I think this is it: choose your "bit" of music, and keep at it until you can play it both hands, fortissimo, allegro, pianissimo, any-way-you-fucking-like-imo.  And then another bit.  And when you've got several bits, put the buggers together.  It's like making the bricks so that you can build the house.

I think this is it.

Or something.