Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mozart minuet in G: Day 2

I got about 50 mins this morning, before a visit to the Glasgow Science Centre.  I ran through the first four bars, which are fine.  Did a bit of playing around with the tempo and the velocity.  And then I got started on the RH with bb 5-7.  It was just a sequence of notes, slowly and clumsily played.  

I listened to the versions on YouTube again, and got my ear into it, and picked out the two arpeggios, (I think they're arpeggios, my terminology is imperfect), B-G-, -E and G-E, -C#, and spent most of the time with them, working out the fingers, for which suggestions in the ABRSM didn't feel that right, I mean they say the B-G is 5-3, but 5-4 would feel more natural.  However, I'm persevering with the suggestions, on the basis that these people know infinitely more than I do.

Then I realised that I hadn't read the first four bars right - there's an F# where I was playing an F, but I had to stop practicing to go on our outing.  I had a quick run through it when we got back tonight, and it shouldn't be too difficult to get.  I've got the LH up to bar 6, too.

So what I've learned today: It's much easier to get wee clusters of notes (3+3, for example) than a dozen or so across three bars.  Get your ear into them first.  And watch out for # and b on the staff afore you get playing.