Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Bach's Prelude No.1 in C Major: Keep It Real

I printed the music off last night and had a quick go at the first couple of bars, right hand.  I got another couple of quick goes this morning, and then an hour this evening, getting up to bar 12, still on the right hand.  Like, wow, man.  This has blown poor old M Hanon out of the water.  It's practice which is beautiful.  Be-oo-ti-ful. 

No fingerings on the music I've got.  I think there's a book available, but I can't find any suggestions about fingerings online.  So I'm just puzzling it out as I go.  Not sure if this is A Good Thing or A Bad Thing?  And I'm also not sure about the hands methodology in learning and practicing this - should I go through the whole piece RH, and then LH?  Or do (say) 16 bars at a time, and then put the hands together?  

I can work this stuff out.  Meanwhile, I'm actually learning a real bit of Bach, ffs, and I can do this.  It's going to take two or three weeks, mind.  Longer.  But I'm going to learn so much stuff from this - sight reading and technique.  Like I said above: wow, man.  And, keeping it real.