Monday, April 15, 2013

Minuet: Day 9

No practice yesterday - some kind of virus kept me horizontal most of the day.  It's wearing off this afternoon, though, so I got about 45 mins on the Minuet.  Practised stuff I'd already learned.  Getting the individual arpeggios ok, but getting them all glued together is going to be another matter.  And Mrs K is acting up.

That sticky C4: I got the little board above the keys off, and got the key out... and put it back again.  And it worked.  Then the adjacent D went awol.  No problem with the left pedal depressed...  So I kind of worked around it, until... the lid seemed to give a clunk, of its own volition, apparently, and then everything was working again beautifully. Haunted.

I'm revising the time estimate on this.  Another month, maybe.  But that's fine, it's fun to play a bar over and over again when it's Mozart.