Tuesday, April 09, 2013

THE Minuet: Day 5

Only half an hour tonight - honestly, I think I was finding avoidance strategies, thinking, "Maybe it would be beneficial to miss a day?"  And it has been another long work day.  But I gave it a go, and it's definitely speeding up, maybe =88? Another thing I noticed was that when I set the metronome going - at 80 I think it was, initially, -  I speeded up straightaway, as if I'd been waiting for a beat to march to.  

If I get a full hour's practice tomorrow, I should get there with this bar, the neural connexions are growing-in.  The next bar looks a bit tricky, too - maybe trickier.  And then the remaining dozen or so bars look ok.  So, maybe, a first performance of my first ever piece of music by, say, not this weekend but the next?  Say, around 20th April?  As I wrote in an audio transcription I was working on today, "[gulps]".