Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Minuet: Day 6

Two sessions today, about 40+30mins, (though I rarely keep a good note of the time, and it passes by quickly).  Started the first and finished the last with the Hard Bar.  But mostly I spent time on the preceding bar, (bottom left hand corner of the first frame on the YouTube clip below), which I realised I couldn't do with both hands.  It's difficult because the first LH note is a half note - everything else is a quarter.  So that was a challenge, remembering to hold that longer.  I got there, kind of.  

There's a long way to go on this, still.  Another week and half is beginning to look optimistic.  Maybe end of the month.  I got a rush of blood to the head with this, the first few bars seemed to easy.  Remember, I'm just in the littlest foothills of the first mountain of a range of mountains.  Meanwhile, to paradoxically inspire and depress, here's the full grown up version, played by a grown up - whilst being, mind, a work written by a five year old.  Encouragingly, the first part looks and sounds familiar: far off, but not out of reach.