Thursday, April 25, 2013

#mozartminueting Day 15

No practice yesterday, and today was 20 mins or so.  Bit of a lull.  Got some insight, today. I did LH bars 9-12, just kept playing it over and over...

And (this is the insight), I'm not just learning to play the Minuet in G, I'm learning to play the piano: I need to learn this sequence of ten (or whatever) notes, and learn it like billy-o.  I mean, play it all over the place, slowly, quickly, just like it says on the page and ten other ways besides.

And I need to learn God-knows-how-many, thousands(?), of other sequences of notes and chords, too.  With each hand and with both hands. This is what you do.  And then one day I can look at a sheet of music and say, "Oh, aye."