Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mozart Minuet in G: Day 3

I had about 20 mins going through and putting the sharps where hitherto I'd put naturals.  And then I came back later and gave it a few runs through, and it's ok, though still slow and clumsy.  But I'm pressing on to get the whole piece, get the feel for it.

So I moved on to bar 7, (is it 7, though? I need to look up how we number bars - 4, according to the ABRSM, looks like 5 to me).  Anyway, five notes RH, quite straightforward, and three LH.  I can do each hand separately, slowly, heavily, quickly, lively, anyway you bloody well like.  But together!  I can feel the information jumping across the neurons, looking for a connexion, finding none, and falling into inner space...

I put the metronome on, and it was at 52 - the suggested speed is 126.  So someway to go with just that one bar. Which, it must be said, looks like the heaviest one in the piece.  It's interesting, though: you'd never get this with Hanons, would you? This two-handedness is a fundamental skill I'm going to have to get - that is, two handedness where RH plays five notes, and LH 3.

Looks easy - isn't, though.

Be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow.  It's like doing the Guardian crossword on a Saturday.  If I go to bed with only a few clues left, I just know I'll get them on Sunday morning.  There's something neurological goes on overnight, I'd say.  Speaking of which, at the Science centre the other day, there was a woman holding half a brain, explaining to the kids which bits did what.  When she'd finished I asked her if she knew where musical ability was located, but she apologized, she didn't know, she was really a parasitologist, just sitting in for the neurologist.