Friday, April 19, 2013

#mozartminueting: Day 11

No practice the last couple of days - laid low by some kind of chest infection, but in recovery this morning so  I got a good hour at lunchtime.  Spent ten minutes in the comfort zone of the first three or four bars, but then launched nervously into the unchartered waters of bars 9 to 12. I've pretty much got the RH.  It was a sheer joy actually - and shows why beginners need to be told what fingers to use.  The ABRSM recommended 1 for a G#, and that just didn't seem right, awkward, but, ah-ha, then up to the F nearly an octave away, with the pinky, and then down through the fingers to the C... lovely.  And then a similar move with the next arpeggio...  

The LH more or less mirrors this, but I only made a start on it. I hope to get that later today or tomorrow, and put them together this weekend. And get the last four or five bars early next week so that I can start working through it all together, howsoever clumsily and slowly at first. Speaking of slowly, the music in the ABRSM pieces book "suggests" ♩ = 126, and I'm just about there with the first few bars...  That's what's going on here.  But here, for the exam, it's much slower.  Hmm. But, I suppose let's just get it all together, all the way through, and then worry about the tempo.