Saturday, April 13, 2013

Minuet: Day 8

No practice yesterday.  We ate out, and then went to see Faustus, which was all good.  We went to Coia's for the dinner, and the halibut was splendid.  The play was funny and disturbing.  Hadn't realized it was so unashamedly moral.

But today's been a good old lazy Saturday, and I've just had nearly an hour's practice.  It was all work on dressing the building blocks.  I'm hampered because C4 on the Kemble has taken to sticking.  I was to get David out to do the concert pitch tuning in August, but it looks like it'll have to be sooner than that.  When he gave it its first tuning he advised plenty of playing, see what cropped and, heigh-ho.

But I did the first LH arpeggio over and over, and the first two RH notes, again, over and over, concentrating on keeping my other fingers on the keys, inactive.  Then I did the next bar, 8 I think it is, which has a declining run of four notes RH, two LH, and then a trill.  It all looked really difficult on the staff, but turned out pretty straightforward, and actually a lot of fun.  I even branched out unnecessarily with doing a trill of my own further down the keyboard, with LH.

This pattern of learning feels right:  that is, polish up bars already learned, and learn a new bar.  Another week and I should get around to putting it all together, (though I'm going to be hampered by this sticky C4), and then once it's altogether there'll be another ten hours or so of Play it Again, through and through.

Everything's cool.