Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#mozartminueting: Day 10

Spent an hour on the first four bars just now.  I can get the B-C-D-D-C, and G-A-B-B-A bit up to animato, which is nice.  Where I've still got to work is:

minuet in g

I seem to be holding the 2nd note of the two note phrases, at the beginning and then a couple bars along, for just a bit too long. I can manage it fine, quick and snappy into the B-C-D-D-C on RH alone, but both hands, there's just a pause, and there's a G just hanging in the wind... Whereas, (if you listen to the first 6 seconds here) it should just crash ahead, animato, forsooth.

I should be learning some more bars from further on in the piece, I know, but I'm still not feeling very well, I've got a fearful cough today, so wanted to stick with what I knew.

Mrs Kemble, btw, is behaving pretty well. The sticky key phenomenon seems to diminish with playing. If money was no object, I'd get one of these. But if money was no object, we'd have bigger place, and then I'd get one of these.