Thursday, September 29, 2005

"The pressure to spend spend spend is enormous."

Factobrunt got this idea from someone else and it's beginning to look like a pyramid blog-posting thingubby, but for what it's worth you go into your archive for your 23rd post, and then find the 5th sentence therein and then post it and link to it (I have above), and you suggest others do the same. Hmm. I can't see the point, but then I was involved in a thread last night at See the Sky on the First Day of October with an eedjit who was questioning 'the point of all this'. Let's not go there, eh?

The alder tree, a sapling, in the rainbow picture was snapped in half by someone. It's one of a lot of hawthorn's, willows, alders and dog roses around the edge of the garden here which I've planted with the plan of eventually growing something like a traditional English hedgerow. That alder was right opposite our kitchen window, so whichever local vandal snapped it is a cheeky bastard. God's curse on anyone who needlessly damages a tree, and there's some bad karma stored up for that wee shite.

The garden's becoming a potential source of dispute with the people in the flat upstairs, and we're looking for a bigger place now that we're an imminent family - I posted about this is in July. So the incipient hedge must fend for itself soon anyway. The thing with planting trees is to perhaps anticipate that only a fraction of the number you plant will grow to maturity.

Getting the Metro to work, unable to read anything comfortably because it's so packed, I've been really getting into the podcasts at Bonfire Radio. It's brilliant. I get to hear music I haven't heard for years, and new stuff I wouldn't have heard anywhere else. AND, the fact that the commute/listen-to-podcasts is caused by being a wage slave again, means that I can splash out on a CD once in a way. Hurrah!