Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Crossroads Diminished

Yesterday the Old Man and I moved a large number of paving stones from one allotment to another. Then we went for a pint and got talking with one of his mates, Joe, about the way the flyover through Jarrow, built in the 60s, cut this town unforgivably in two. (I think Pevsner's entry for Jarrow says something along these lines).

I learned that the crossroads at Albert Road/Bede Burn Road was a significant junction, with traffic lights. It was called Carricks' Corner, we assumed because of the baker's shop there. Joe said you can still see evidence of the traffic lights, and I'll go and have a shufty. Now, it's a dead end. We got talking about this because Grieves the butcher on that corner is to close.

Still no contractions.