Thursday, September 08, 2005

Looking for work in Leeds; pastures new.

To Leeds yesterday. I was suprised and a wee bit gratified to learn that there'd been 200 applicants for the jobs. There were ten of us being tested for 5 jobs. Results before the week's out, and then a formal interview, if I get that far. The job isn't IN Leeds, thank God, but the testing was.

AND this morning I had a phone call inviting me to an interview for a different job. That's next week.

Thanks to Dano, Andrea and Factobrunt for wishing me luck.

I really must get a job soon because the credit cards don't understand unemployment, and leap out of my pocket if I see a CD or we can't be bothered cooking and go to the pub to eat...

It would be nice to say something positive about Leeds. It has a depressing feel to it. That's despite the friendliness of the people. I was a bit too preoccupied to get many photo opportunities, but I liked this on Kirkstall Road.

Big changes at the allotments: I'm going to give up mine at the end of this year, and join the Old Man at his, which is like a small farm, and too much for one person to manage. Mine would require a lot of work this winter, and I can't do that with the baby on the horizon, and the MA and hopefully a job too. Whereas Dad's allotment is fully functional, indeed thriving. And he has twenty odd chickens, sells the eggs, and uses the surplus to buy shit and seeds and whatever the place wants: so it's a self-financing operation. It's a great set-up for all manner of reasons from the practical to the dynastic, and I'm really pleased with the situation.

This is how that allotment looked a year ago. There have been a lot of changes since then. Look forward to a tiresome number of photos from there in the future. In fact, I might overload flickr with chicken photos to combat all those bliddy cats.