Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Have a shufty...

... at this article by George Monbiot. Yahoo's grassed up a Chinese Journalist, Shi Tao, and now he's doing ten years. "Yahoo must ensure that its local country sites must operate within the [local] laws, regulations, and customs." Yahoo's big cheese, Jerry Yang said: "we give them things that satisfy local laws."

If you do any news search on this you'll find that MSN and the sainted Google (who "do no evil", remember) don't come out of this too well, either, so far as China's concerned. Multinationals, though, can glide over borders; so anybody, anywhere, curious about, say, a certain dodgy herb, had better go easy. The relationship your search engine or ISP enjoys with your government is clearly far more important than friendly relations with you. It probably won't work out as horribly as it did for poor bloody Shi Tao, but you might still get an early morning knock at the door.

Serious bit over.

Regarding this week's wallpaper, Factobrunt said it wouldn't have been his choice, which is fair enough, each to his own. What's good in a picture is down to a personal sense of aesthetics, I suppose. In Flickr I commented on this picture:
what I like most is the narrative - these vans would have such stories to tell: doing removals they've featured in big events in so many people's lives.
Not every picture tells a story, but that one tells thousands of them, IMHO. Which is nice to see, every time I boot up the laptop, or close down Firefox or whatever program I'm using prior to re-entering reality. Here's another example of image-as-narrative.

And there's the ever approaching Happy Event. Herself reports peculiar sensations in places she didn't know she had. Hmm. Week 38. She doesn't want to go far from home now. I've noticed that we both seem to be keeping the flat very tidy, keeping the cupboards and fridge well stocked. Waiting.