Friday, September 30, 2005

A Labour Inducing Strategy

Today's the day of the baby's 'due date'. Apparently, only 4.8% of babies arrive on this projected date.

I think it comes under the umbrella of Sod's Law: if you plan something elaborate, something far more elaborate will come along to bugger it up. So, the plan is to prepare a really la di da sunday lunch, with a vast selection of vegetables from the allotment prepared in several ingenious and interesting ways, an expensive (ish) roast and wine costing more than the usual £2.99. I'll need to spend several hours harvesting, shopping, chopping, mixing and cooking.

Then having spent most of the weekend preparing one meal for two people, something's bound to intervene, and the hope is the intervention will come from labour pains.

Hmm. We'll see. If nothing happens, at least we can enjoy a lovely meal.

I flicked through the Shields Gazette tonight and Herself's horoscope predicted a hectic social life this weekend.