Tuesday, September 06, 2005

108 Years in Our Family

I've not been posting much but other people's (well, iambigred's) pictures. The reason for this near absenteeism is that I've applied for a job which needs very good typing skills, and I've got to sit a test for the job tomorrow. I realised that my copy-typing was actually rather rusty. So I've been hammering away at the keyboard for several days now, using a number of different learn-to-type programs. Now I'm at nearly 35 WPM, and that's probably as good as I'm going to get. I'll post more about this tomorrow.

Meanwhile, some family history.

Here's Mr Pig Sty with his daughter, Clare, at her wedding to Martin in 2003. Lovely isn't she? It was a great day.

Well, here's Clare as a baby, 20 years earlier in 1983. It's a remarkable photo because the lady on the right is Mary, my maternal Great-Grandma, and therefore Clare's Great-Great-Grandma. (Coincidentally, and to add to the continuity, the spotty lad in the picture on the shelf is Master Pigsty). I think Great-Grandma was 90 at the time this picture was taken. She died a year or two later.

And below, there's Great-Grandma again, the little girl on the right. How old is she? Three? So this picture would be about 1897. That's her mam, Emma, in the centre, holding baby Milly. The older boy on the right is Charles; far left is Thomas, and looking a bit uneasy is George. They were a Durham mining family, so what the boys were doing in Eton collars I have no conception.

It's a curious phenomenon, when you don't blog much for a few days things start to happen in the non-virtual world. There's been a lot going on at the allotments the last few days, and I'll post about that once I get this bloody keyboard test out of the way.