Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last Day on the Dole

I read that joke I posted last night and must say it doesn't benefit from being written down and read back sober. If memory serves, I was first told it in The Robin Adair pub, Wallsend, around 1980 - perhaps it should have stayed there: maybe I’m getting older or more prudish or posher but it seems a bit vulgar now.

Most of today's been spent getting to grips with studying. It's remarkable how motivated I’ve become: I’ve started studying for an MA in TESOL and tomorrow I’m starting a new job in TESOL and I’m like a pig in straw.

Herself was at the midwife’s today and the baby’s head is engaged. So that means a Very Big Event at almost any time. There will be hilarious scenes balancing a new baby, a new job and starting postgraduate studies as autumn develops.

I bought three hyacinth bulbs yesterday, potted and watered them then put them away in the fridge. This means they should burst into life when I take them out and put them on the windowsill in December, and they should flower for the New Year. The scent of hyacinths reminds me of infants’ school.

Well, I'd better get an early night; bound to be up absurdly early tomorrow. A very unusual situation: someone actually looking forward to getting on to a crowded Metro at 8AM. What larks!