Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And whilst I'm on about pictures and stories...

...As I'm looking for work and trying to become more responsible, I'd better change the sidebar image. As Herself keeps saying, the hubbly-bubbly pipe one "makes you look like a [deleted] old hippy". Indeed. Sometimes, I'll forget to snip the Pig Sty address from serious emails, so I'd better smarten up the Avenue's image a touch.

So here's a passport photo, not quite 100% serious. The story is, I went for an interview a couple of years back for a teaching job with the Royal Air Force of Oman. I'd been asked to take two passport photos, but to be on the safe side I took four, because, in my experience, some overseas employers have an obsession about getting an absurd number of passport photos of potential employees. At the end of the interview in a London hotel the Omani interviewer asked me if I had the photos. "Yes," I said, thinking I'd pulled a fast one on the blighter. "Actually, I've got four." He looked a bit taken aback, but soon recovered and said, "Ah. We really need six."

So I had to traipse around bloody London and find a photobooth. I was trying to keep a sense of fun about the situation, which explains the odd expression.

I didn't get that particular job, btw.