Sunday, August 07, 2005

You'll lose all your friends if you drink too much.

Apprentice suggested looking at the blogs of people whose photos I like on flickr, and I've been doing that this morning. I found out that a lot of flickr users don't have blogs; many are professional or student artists with la di da websites. I didn't find anything this morning which merits blogrolling, but it's a canny idea.

Spencer Watson at Anything Goes made me laugh today.

Padraig set off back to Ireland this morning; he's stopping over in Liverpool tonight. It was good to see him. And Paul. It's important to stay in touch with people, but that's easier said than done for we TEFL teachers, who tend to have pals scattered all over the globe. I've lost touch with masses of folk. There was a calamity a few years ago when I was teaching in Istanbul. I was temporarily sharing with another teacher, who was a devotee of raki and beetroot juice. We had several one night and he staggered off to bed, and I decided to have a wee surf from his PC... I thought, as one does, that it would be a clever wheeze to change my hotmail password. Sober, the next day, could I remember it? Could I hell. I tried to think myself into the state of mind I'd been in the night before, but couldn't, even with more raki and beetroot juice. So that account was lost and its address book with dozens of friends' email addresses.
That's the reason I have a wee picture of me on this blog, not vanity. I think if an old chum was trying to find me in cyberspace, they could google my name and get here eventually, and then say: "Oh! There he is. The baldy swine."

I love the new flickr badge on the sidebar there. Thank God for flickr: saved my better photies from destruction in yesterday's crash. One tries to be cheery: reformatting cleared away a lot of crap from the hard disk.