Saturday, August 27, 2005

Going Pro with Bog Awful Photos

As administrator of Entrance to Hell, Brendadada wrote "...anyone posting a mugshot of themselves in a horny headband is definitely deadheaded."


Well, I thought, what does she mean 'bog awful photos'? But of course, we know. There are some photos on flickr which are just bog awful. Lifeless. Flat. Futile. But somebody's gone to all the trouble of snapping them, opening a flickr account, uploading them, tagging them... So, they deserve some kind of recognition. Surely some photos are so bog awful they actually begin to acquire a strange dignity? Well, Bog Awful Photos is their new home.

The password's atrocious. Pass it on.

I'm full of it this morning because Pig Sty Avenue's Flickr has just gone Pro. There's nowt left but the bog awful photos on my hard drive to upload, so I'll need to get out and get snapping.