Monday, August 01, 2005

tatties, teeth and a baby tree

Is that a bloke? Does anyone know what WC Fields film this is?

Didn't quite vault out of bed, but got to the allotment, and stood gazing in amazement at how much the weeds have grown this week, and how much glass had been excavated. Made a bit of an impact on the weeds, and dug up a bagful of spuds.

Early evening, I went to the dentist. Teeth not bad, got a scrape and polish, back in a couple of weeks for some minor fillings. I'm blogging this because going to the dentist is a big deal: it makes me very afraid.

After that, went to Morrisons. Herself got talking to an old hippy on the Metro the other night who assured her that Morrisons just before closing was a great place for bargains: stuff on it's use by date at laughable prices, ideal for freezing. Bollocks. All I got was a packet of mackerel in lemon and parsley (19p, reduced from £1.09).

We walked home via the Robin Hood, and I cracked off a twig of crack willow, to put in a pint glass of water on the windowsill. It'll be a fine tree one day.