Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The First Tyne Tunnel

Yesterday we walked along the Don, and into Jarrow town centre. We went through the Pedestrian Tunnel, like bairns, just for the hell of it. I haven't been through it for years, and it was shorter than I remembered it. It was once much busier, when there were a lot more shipyards operating, and there were a lot of fellas heading under the water to work between seven and half past every morning. We were on foot, of course, but I remembered that going through the cycle tunnel is quite exciting, the tunnel gives an impression of moving at great speed.

On the Howdon side, there's a wasteland of light industrial sites and feeder roads for the car tunnel. But there is the Duke of Wellington, where we had a pint, and thought about how it would have been 100 years ago in that pub, when the area was all shipyards and the air thick with rivetting, the pub packed each dinner time with shouting men. Yesterday, there were half a dozen people in, the sun streaming peacefully through the windows.

When we got home, neither of us had an inkling to cook, so we went to the Pearl Cottage Chinese take away on Fellgate Avenue. Last time we'd had a meal from there it was indifferent at best. Last night, I had house special chop suey, Herself Chinese mushrooms with chicken. Really good food. And I found the carrier bag charming.
I took loads of photos during our expedition, but was disappointed with most of them. Sometimes, I'm consumed by flickrenvy. I shouldn't be: there's a life-time learning process here.