Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've a plan to collect a lot of tree and shrub seeds this coming autumn. Gorse seed pods are ripening now, however. I got a lot of seeds from the plants down by the Don last week. I'll need to stratify them over the winter (keep them in a margarine tub of damp compost in the fridge). It's a brilliant hedging plant - there's no way man-nor-beast can get near it. For this reason, it's excellent for bird nesting, especially relatively uncommon species like long tailed tits.

Gorse has been in the news over the last few days, because a Yorkshireman was trapped in a thicket for an uncertain period of time, not knowing how he'd got there, after 'consuming various substances.' Here's a local newspaper account. I notice he attracted attention with his cigarette lighter, which means he's lucky to be alive because gorse can be very inflammable.