Saturday, August 13, 2005

Servile masses, arise, arise!

It's good to see my old mate Peter's joined flickr. Careful, lad, it's addictive as tabs.

All my flickr tags are open now - thanks to Apprentice for pointing out that one.

Blew the dust off my MA notes this morning and got on down. After a few hours reading, naturally, a hopelessly addicted blogger, I set up a blog to coordinate links, or as herself would have it, to do almost anything connected with study, without actually studying. Hmm.

Within a few minutes of setting it up, the new blog got a hit by spam posing as comment. I've seen this on other blogs; it's so random, surely it can't hit the target too often?

No seriously, castor-oil plant seeds are deadly: according to Plants for a Future, even one seed has been known to be lethal to children... The seedcoat contains an extremely lethal poison that was once used by the KGB to dispose of their enemies... Indeed. I like that bit about the KGB, because the plant's latin name is ricinus communis.

Usually, I stay off politics, but I'll say this about the solidarity the workers at BA have been showing each other: you'll go down in history, lads and lasses. And watch the union and the management don't stitch you up now. [Credit to the Grauniad for the photo].

Employers, think on this: Kick someone when they're down, and they might just get up and kick you the fuck back.