Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is this how it feels to be virtually deported?

In my gmail inbox tonight there was this:




You have been banned from Libya

You are not allowed to join this group again unless a group administrator removes the ban.

"Hello..." I thought, and went to have a shufty at the group to see why, feverishly searching my memory to see if I'd been doing any drunk-blogging lately, and inadvertently said or done something reprehensible, but no, (I haven't done that since that time I bought those peyote seeds);I found this discussion.

Rogan Deep
has rubbed them up the wrong way, and he's a pal of mine, so does that explain it? Guilt by association?

I mailed this moody75 guy, and asked if he knew why I was banned, and he says: "Nope, I am not the administrator." I don't think I can ascertain who is the administrator, 'cos I can't get back in there...

Well, as Thomas Pynchon once had it: "Fuck you."

I've set up a Libya.alt group. Anybody out there with pics from or relating to The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, then do join the group and hoy them over. ALL comments are cool, and only child porn will get you banned.

Here's a joke a Libyan Islamist told me:

Two men, one Libyan, one Egyptian, had met on holiday in Lebanon, and were having a narghila pipe together . The Libyan asked the other, "How do they do things in Egypt?" The Egyptian said he would give him a demonstration, called over the waitress, and gave her load of chat, holding her hand and flattering her. After she'd gone back to the counter, he showed the Libyan a wedding ring in his hand. "I took it from her hand. That's how we do things in Egypt.

"But how do you do things in Libya?" The Libyan stood up, pointed at his new friend and shouted. "He stole the waitress's ring! He stole the waitress's ring!" And then he shrugged and said "THAT's how we do things in Libya."